Let us Sell For You


If you would like a sales agreement form please email us at tickets@msc.tamu.edu


What can the Box Office sell for you?


Concerts             Lectures                     Dinners                                  B-B-Q's                   Dances

Retreats              Conferences             Organization Dues           Pageants                T-Shirts


The MSC Box office can ticket your free event, also!  The advantages in doing this include attendance tracking numbers for event preparation in addition to keeping track of your patron's names and contact information.


Why sell through the MSC Box Office?


Risk Management: You don’t have to worry about collecting money, names, sales info, or anything else.  We do that for you!


Patron Lists: The MSC Box Office collects names, phone numbers and addresses of all your advanced purchasers. A perfect marketing tool!


Sales Reports: We can email you daily and/or weekly sales reports detailing your organization's sales.


Online Sales: Convenient and secure sales active 24/7!


Quality Customer Service: We love making your customers happy! And happy customers tell others.


Payment Choices: We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards.