Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Do I need to make reservations?  We highly recommend making reservations because we do sell out especially during Fall Foliage.
  2. Can I make changes to my reservations?  Yes you can, but please know there is a $5.35 change fee (non-refundable).  If you need to make any changes please call our ticket office at 877-413-8724.
  3. How can I buy tickets?  You can either purchase online, over the phone, or in person.
  4. What credit cards do you accept?  Visa, Mastercard or Discover
  5. Do we offer any discounts?  We offer senior (65+), Military (active or retired), First Responder (active or retired) and Teacher (current or retired) with valid ID.  We also have group discounts with 15+ people.
  6. Can I walk in and buy tickets the day of?  Yes, you can, but we can’t guarantee we will have tickets available.  Call ahead.
  7. Where do I pick up my tickets?  Pre-paid tickets can be picked up the morning of your ride at our pre-paid ticket window, located on the back side of the depot, facing the train.
  8. What is your physical/mailing address?  241 Depot St. Blue Ridge, Ga. 30513
  9. What is your cancellation policy?  We have a 48 hour cancellation policy.  If you need to cancel for whatever reason please let us know prior to 48 hours of your trip for a full refund.  If you cancel inside that 48 hour window, we will issue you a missed trip pass, good for an entire calendar year for you to reschedule your trip.
  10.   Are there assigned seats?  No.  You have an assigned car and seats are first come first serve inside that car.
  11.   Can we all sit together?  If everyone in your party is here early and waiting to board at the proper time there should be no problems.  If you are late arriving, your party may be split up inside your car because others have already chosen their seats.
  12.   Is Premier Class worth the extra money?  We think so!  Premier Class comes with some major perks including better seats that recline, unlimited non-alcoholic beverages to and from our destination, a large catered snack (small meal) made fresh and delivered every morning, some sweet treats on the return trip for dessert, a complimentary group photo (1 per sales transaction), and a canvas tote bag (1 per sales transaction).  It is a more quiet ride because everyone on that car is OVER 18 YEARS OF AGE.
  13.   Do you have season tickets?  Yes we do.  Please contact the ticket office at 877-413-8724 for this purchase.
  14.   Do you have gift certificates?  Yes we do!  Please contact the ticket office at 877-413-8724 for this purchase.
  15.   What does the number on the coaches’ mean? Are there any differences?  The numbers you see are the original numbers given to those coaches when they were first placed into service as a passenger car.  They help us to distinguish between them.  All outdoor coaches are pretty much identical, and the same goes for our closed coaches, with the exception of our Premier Class Coach.  Pictures of our coaches can be found on the home page.
  16.   What time do I need to be there?  We highly recommend you are here 1 hour prior to departure time for parking, ticket pick-up, and boarding.
  17.   What time is boarding?  We will start boarding 45 min. prior to your departure for our normal length rides.  The Santa Express trips will board 30 min. prior to departure.
  18.   What happens if I miss my ride?  If you miss the train we will issue you a missed trip pass that can be used to reschedule your trip within one calendar year.  If you choose a season more expensive than the original season booked you will be responsible for paying the difference.  
  19.   Where do we park?  We do not have a dedicated parking lot so we use downtown street parking (closest to ticket office, arrive early).  You can park in any spot that doesn’t have a sign stating otherwise.  In addition to free street parking there are two paid parking areas, one on West Main St. and the other on East Main St., both are $5 lots.  There is additional free parking on Mountain St. if you don’t mind a quarter mile walk.
  20.   Do you still run in inclement weather?  Yes we do.  There isn’t much that will affect the performance of the train but, in the past, we have had to cancel trips due to it being too dangerous for our employees or passengers to travel here.  In the case of a trip cancellation, from our decision, you would get the choice of either a full refund or a missed trip pass to reschedule your trip.
  21.   Do you have a group rate?  Yes we do.  The group rate will apply for groups with 15+ people.  Please contact a ticket agent for booking, rates and our group policy at 877-413-8724.
  22.   Can we reserve an entire car for our group, party, or event? Yes you may.  Please contact our ticket office for rates and contract information at 877-413-8724.
  23.   Can we rent the entire train? Yes you can, as long as the train isn’t already scheduled for one of our normal excursions.  Please contact the ticket office for more information at 877-413-8724.
  24.   Are there bathrooms on board the train? Baby changing stations?  There are 12 bathrooms throughout the train and 2 baby changing stations (Car 332 and Car 405).
  25.   Is the train handicap accessible?  Car 405 is our handicap accessible coach.   Car 405 has stair and lift access, along with a handicap bathroom.  To make reservations for this car please contact a ticket agent at 877-413-8724.  These tickets are not available online so they aren’t taken by passengers that don’t need assistance.
  26.   Do you rent/have wheelchairs?  We have 2 wheelchairs available for assisting with boarding and de-boarding only.  They are not to be used off our property.  If you need to rent a scooter or manual wheelchair, there is a company in Blue Ridge that can help (Scooters & More 1-800-498-8935).  Please come prepared and know that there is a lot of walking required at the layover.
  27.   Are strollers allowed on the train?  Strollers are allowed on the train but you will be asked to fold it when boarding so it can be stowed away, in your car, safely during the trip.  It will be returned to you at the layover and the process will be the same for the return trip to Blue Ridge.
  28.   Are pets allowed on the train?  Only certified service dogs with up-to-date shot records will be allowed to board the train.
  29.   Is there a dress code?  Shirt, pants/shorts and shoes are required.  Flip flops, sandals, slides, wedges, etc… are NOT RECOMMENDED.
  30.   Can I bring a cooler on the train?  Coolers are allowed to be boarded but they must be small enough to fit under your seat (ie. soft sided 6 pack cooler).
  31.   Are food and drinks available on the train?  We do have a concession car located in the middle of the train.  There you can purchase cold/hot beverages, snacks, candy etc…
  32.   Does the concession car take credit/debit?  Our concession car takes cash, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.
  33.   Can we bring outside food and beverages on the train?  We do allow our passengers to bring their own snacks and drinks if they wish to do so.  Our only exception is NO ALCOHOL.
  34.   Are alcoholic beverages allowed on the train?  Our train is an alcohol free train until our Midnight New Year’s Eve trip and then alcohol is provided.  No outside alcoholic beverages are permitted.  However, you can purchase and drink alcoholic beverages in McCaysville/Copperhill during the layover.
  35.   Where are the designated smoking areas?  In Blue Ridge, before and after departure, we ask that you smoke only on the blacktop pavement about 40 ft from train and in McCaysville/Copperhill please wait until you are down on the city sidewalks.