Erez Ziv, Managing Artistic Director


Erez has joyfully dedicated over 20 years of his life to creating a theatrical home for up and coming theatermakers in NYC.

His educational history includes University of Minnesota, Jewish Theological Seminary and Oxford. He is a licensed fireguard, sprinkler systems inspector, flame proofing Supervisor, Central Park Carriage Driver, and wedding ceremony officiant.

 Erez is the proud recipient of an OBIE Award, IT Award, NYTE Award and Acker Award all for community support.

He is very happy to have helped to firmly establish FRIGID's reputation in the downtown theater scene and internationally and to create a well respected organization that has created and continues to create a home for some the New York City's most innovative, talented and hard working theater artists.

 Thankfully the World keeps providing him with both fresh and refined talent to let loose on NYC and the world.

 Erez is also a father.


Tess F. Henry, General Manager

Tess has had the pleasure of working with FRIGID New York since she weaseled her way in after volunteering with 10th annual FRIGID Festival. 

Wearing a couple hats with FRIGID over the years Tess is happy to settle at General Manager because it combines her passions of theater, administrative work, and telling people what to do. 

She is also a storytelling comedian, you can catch her every month at UNDER St Marks hosting the sex-storytelling show Smut Slam on the first Wednesday of every month, or weekly at The Open Mic. 

Tess has also worked with the Paley Center for Media, The Joyce Theater, the Cinder Block comedy festival, as well as a litany of galas and events. 

Tess is not a father. 


Shula Kaplan, CFO

Shula joined FRIGID New York (then Horse Trade) in 2008 after many years in corporate accounting. Thanks to FRIGID, she has now found a way to merge her professional career with her passion for the arts.


Genny Yosco, Artist Coordinator

Genny Yosco has loved theater since she was a child, and it's been a steady decline into madness ever since. Her works have been in the 2018 Sex! Short Play Fest (All I Wanna Do), the 2018 NYC! Short Play Fest (Subway Seat), the 2018 Boo! Short Play Fest (And Old Friends Are Gold), the 2018 FRIGID Festival (As He Likes It: A Shakesqueer Comedy), the 2018 Sex! Short Play Festival (Business as Usual), the  2017 NYNW Festival (Albert and The Dark Man; semi-finalist), the 2017 Boo! Short Play Festival (Just Gone), the 2017 NY Summerfest (Sex Jokes & Murder), the 2017 Radioactive Festival (Just Gone), the 2017 FRIGID Festival (A Fifth Dimension: An Unauthorized Twilight Zone Parody; winner of Best Ensemble Piece), the 2016 UNFringed Festival (As He Likes It: A Shakesqueer Comedy), the 2016 Radioactive Festival (Timeless Beauty), and the 2016 FRIGID Festival (CSI: Mayberry – An Unauthorized Parody; winner of Best Mash-Up), all of which she has written, self-produced, directed, and acted in. On top of all of this, her company Sour Grapes Productions is a resident company of FRIGID New York, which they're eternally grateful for. They also have a mime/clown monthly show called SILENT BUT DEADLY: A MIME EXPERIENCE, which, yes, is named after flatulence. When she’s not over-exerting herself with theater, she’s doing about the same with her short film projects. She loves her job with FRIGID New York and you will pry it from her cold, dead hands.


Emily Godfrey, Marketing Manager


Salli Squitieri  Creative Development

Salli Squitieri has been promoting, booking and managing performers and artists since her youth, and has orchestrated countless special events and small festivals. She has been the proprietor of her own music and art venues, café and cultural centers. Further, she was the co-founder of the Paul Butterfield Fund and Society (PBFS) and handled the Paul Butterfield estate and Royalty recovery for approx. 20 years. Through the Paul Butterfield Fund and Society she developed care packages for struggling artists and touring bands. Salli is presently working in many capacities with FRIGID New York, ‘Kevin Lyttle’ and ‘Tarakon Records’ and ‘Fete King Music’ as well as managing International Soca Artist MaddZart. Salli also volunteers and serves with the Rising Sun Performance Co.