Below you will find information on each theater class offered at LHHS and other ways to get involved.


     Drama 1

This class is open to ALL students at LHHS. No prior experience is necessary.

It is a great class for students who want to improve their public speaking skills or be introduced to theatre for the first time.

Course Description:

  • Introduction to the production aspects of a theater performance through basic set, lighting, costume, and make-up design
  • Practice the creation of characters, projection of ideas and emotions in preparing and acting in scenes from plays
  • Develop language skills and appreciation through reading and interpreting dramatic literature, writing critiques, analyzing characters, listening critically, and speaking effectively
  • Provide group and individual activities in body control, voice, diction, and pantomime
  • Yearlong course that satisfies the "A through G" requirement for the UC's

Note: Unlike most middle school theater classes, the Drama 1 class does not culminate in a production for the public. There are no rehearsals or performances outside of classtime. No fees are requested, but participation in the department fundraiser is encouraged.


     Drama 2

This class is open to students recommended for the course by their previous Drama teacher or requires an audition before the school year. See below for details.

Course Description:

  • Practice the creation of characters, projection of ideas and expression of emotions are also practiced when preparing scenes and monologues
  • Study styles of acting and the history of the theater from the Greeks to the Modern playwrights
  • Participate in group and individual activities in body control, voice, diction and pantomime
  • Develop language skills through reading, interpreting and analyzing dramatic literature (including Shakespeare); writing critiques and scenes; exercising critical listening and effective speaking skills
  • Yearlong course that satisfies the "A through G" requirement for the UC's

Note: The Drama 2 class produces the LHHS Talent Show and also performs a children's theater show for invited elementary school students for the public. They are also invited to participate in theater festivals during the year.

Note: Most Drama 2 students matriculate from Drama 1, but Drama 2 is also open to freshmand and transfer students with significant performance experience. Freshmen and transfers must audition for placement in the class. Auditions consist of a one- to two-minute monologue (or song, if you prefer). Contact Mrs. Lord at for more details or to schedule your appointment. Don't be nervous!!




     Advanced Drama (Drama 3/4/5)

This class usually matriculates from Drama 2 and requires a recommendation from Mrs. Lord.

Course Description:

  • Emphasize experiencing theatre from the standpoint of the actor, the director and the technician within various historical and cultural traditions
  • Write scenes and monologues for performance
  • Curriculum is loosely based on the IB Theatre Arts syllabus, which focuses on Theatre in the Making, Theatre in Performance and Theatre in the World
  • Participation in the LHHS drama productions and in festivals is a requirement
  • Yearlong course that satisfies the "A through G" requirement for the UC's

Note: Students must earn a B or better in Drama 2 to be eligible for Advanced Drama. The Advanced Drama class presents an annual audience-interactive murder mystery dinner theater and performs various senior projects during the year.

Note: Additionally, the LHHS theater department offers students the opportunity to study IB Theatre Arts as part of their International Baccalaureate diploma.




This class is perfect for anyone wondering what goes on behind the scenes of a performance and ready to do some hands-on work with design and technical jobs in the theater.

Course Description:

  • Acquaint the student with the basic backstage skills and safety measures required to plan and produce scenery, lighting, and sound for the theater
  • Discuss and practice set building, scenic painting, props, lighting, sound, costuming, makeup, and stage management
  • Involves hands-on work backstage, plus in-class discussions based on assigned readings and video lessons
  • One-year elective career technology education class open to students who have been recommended by the drama or woodshop teacher

Note: Stagecraft students are strongly urges to participate on production crews for the shows we do at the school, so some after-school time is involved usually. In class, students build and paint all of the sets for shows produced on campus.




Cast: LHHS Theater Arts Department is proud to put on multiple shows each year, in which any LHHS student is welcome and encouraged to come out audition for. Check the Drama room door (Rm. 204) for audition forms and updates for any upcoming shows.

Crew: Students are also welcome to come participate as a crew member on one of the many backstage teams. Application forms can be found on the Drama room door (Rm. 204) as show auditions and performances approach. It takes a very large team to put together a great performance and lots of different tasks that can always use another set of hands! Crew jobs include, but are not limited to, stage management positions, run crew and dressers, set builder, set painter, prop collector, costumer, makeup artist, etc.



For other opportunites within the LHHS Theater Arts Department, like Arts clubs, click here