Production Specifications

Sheridan Opera House Production Specifications image

Sound and Lighting Equipment Specs


The Sheridan Opera House offers affordable sound and lighting packages which can be customized specifically for your event. Not sure what you'll need? Let us help! Our staff would be more than happy to assist you in determining the right components for a successful event.


Front of House, Monitors and Backline Equipment


With top of the line Yamaha, Crest, Meyers and EAW sound equipment, the Sheridan Opera House delivers amazing sound quality to both audiences and entertainers alike. The Opera House also offers select pieces of backline equipment which are only available for rent and use at the venue. If additional equipment is necessary, most items can be rented locally or regionally for a reasonable price. For a complete list of the Sheridan Opera House's sound equipment please download the SOH Technical Packet.


The Sheridan Opera House offers 34 channels of dimming in total with the following fixtures:

  • 32 Par 64s
  • 5 Fresnels
  • 8 Source 4 Ellipsoidals
  • 8 Source 4 Pars
  • Normal, Wide, Extra Wide Lenses
  • 1 Lycian 5000W follow spot with color boomerang available
  • Two 30ft mechanized electrics over stage along with 2 20ft fixed electrics over house and 2 10ft fixed side-lighting electrics on either side of the house

Stage Dimensions

  • 20ft x 12ft Deep Without Thrust
  • 20ft x 20ft Deep With Thrust (Rows A and B must be removed for this configuration and thrust is available on a limited basis and only available for theatrical productions)
  • Stage Right Wing: 8ft x 6ft Deep
  • Stage Left Wing: 4ft x 6ft Deep

Seating Configurations and Capacities

The Sheridan Opera House has the unique ability to host events that require full theater seating, partial theater seating, cabaret seating, or even no seating at all depending on our schedule. Our intimate venue offers five major seating configurations depending on the type of event being held. Please see the diagrams and respective capacities below.

Minor variations on these basic layouts can be made; but changes must be approved prior to the event. A 20' Wide X 8' Deep "thrust" or stage extension is available on a limited basis. This works particularly well for theatrical performances and weddings which often require additional on-stage space.

It should be noted however that installing the thrust does require the removal of Rows A and B on the main floor which will reduce seating capacity by twenty.

Please click here for seating charts and options.