Technical Info

About The Theater

The Historic Sheridan Opera House has long been one of Telluride's most important cultural icons. An intimate house with a seating capacity of 238 (seats out 265), the Opera House has hosted such artists as Mumford & Sons, Chubby Checker, Three Dog Night, The Wailers, John Prine, Taj Mahal and more.

Load in/Out, Parking, Stage Door

The main stage is located on the second floor of the building accessible via the alley fire escape (83" high x35" wide) or the main front double doors (82"Hx69"W). Parking arrangements should be discussed while advancing the show with the production manager - this is especially important for tour buses. There is NO shore power available.


Green Room

There is a green room located directly off stage left. Amenities include mini-fridge, water cooler, coffee maker, teapot, iron, ironing board, coat rack, couch, toilet facilities, sink and mirror. There are NO shower facilities. The green room doors are fully lockable and secure. Wi-fi is available throughout the building - ask an SOH staff member for details.



Our stage is 20' by 11; (PA is stacked on stage, no sound wings)


  • Console: Yamaha M7CL-32
  • Mains: (2) Meyer CQ-1 (1 per side)
  • Sub: (1) Meyer 650P (center)
  • Balcony: (2) Meyer UPM-1P (1 per side)
  • Processor: dbx Venue 360


  • 6 mixes from FOH
  • (4)-EAW SM500
  • (4)- EV FM1501ER
  • Crown K2 power amps


  • (1) Shure Beta 52a
  • (1) Shur Beta 91a
  • (2) Shure Beta 58a
  • (8) Shure SM58
  • (6) Shure SM57
  • (1) Shure SM 81
  • (6) Audio Technica 4041
  • (2) AKG D112
  • (5) Senheiser e604
  • (2) Rhodes NT5
  • (2) Radial ProDI
  • (1) Radial D2
  • (2) Countryman Type 85 DI


  • (12)-Tall boom
  • (10)-Short boom
  • (4)-straight


  • (7)-various types
  • (6)-Ultimate guitar stand G-S 100

*All AC Power is accomplished via 110 volt-3 phase distribution.


Backline Available

Backline equipment is available upon request. Please talk to your staff about our backline rentals/availability.



The Sheridan Opera House offers 34 channels of dimming in total with the following fixtures:

  • (24)-500 watt Par 64's
  • (3)-500 watt Fresnel's
  • (6)-750 watt Source 4 Leko's
  • (8)-500 watt Source 4 Par's (normal, wide, extra wide lenses, barn doors)
  • (1)-Lycian Midget 1206 follow spot


  • (1)-Leprecon lighting board LP 1536
  • (1)-Leprecon lighting board LP 1524
  • There are two 30 foot mechanized electrics over stage along with two 20 foot fixed electrics over house and two 10 foot fixed side-lighting electrics on either side of the house. All dimmers, snakes, and fixtures have Edison ends.



  • (1)-Ben Q SP 891 Digital Projector-1080P resolution-4500 Lumens (VGA, YUV and HDMI connections available)
  • (1)-MacBook pro