WGF, Wilmington Granada Friends mission is to reopen the Wilmington Granada theater as an independent movie house and multicultural center.


The Wilmington Granada Friends are currently researching archives to aid in the development of a historically sensitive restoration plan and preserve the history of the Wilmington Granada. This theater has played an important role in building the community of Wilmington, California. The Wilmington Granada Theater has been used as a First Run and Second Run Movie House, Spanish Cinema, Vaudeville Stage, Performing Arts Center, Film Location, Meeting Center, and Special Event Venue.

Wilmington Granada Friends is a community group collaborating together to open the doors to many possibilities at the Wilmington Granada. The programming for this theater is limitless from independent films with Q&A, cultural art performances, or theater and arts programs for children. The Wilmington Granada theater offers a rare chance for the community of Wilmington to come together and proudly show the world what makes Wilmington special. A sense of small town pride felt by hard working citizens that helped build the Port of Los Angeles.

Reopening the Wilmington Granada theater will not only create jobs but will stimulate the economy by offering performances and films. Wilmington Granada Friends is currently searching for local vendors and community programs interested in becoming part of our mission.  We look forward to working closely with Wilmington's residents and commerce.


Benefits to reopening the Wilmington Granada theater.

  • Create a hub of Entertainment and Arts
  • Revive a beautiful piece of Wilmington's history
  • Provide much needed teen jobs to the community

Wilmington Granada Friends aim to provide programming and coordinate community support with the desire to reopen the Wilmington Granada theater on a regular basis.